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I haven't been able to play on android since the sprite rework, I hope you ca fix this

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I love the 911 update very good🫶🫰🪷

Im having trouble with Alex's computer. What do i put in?

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You can't really do anything on the computer except annoy Alex, the password is to leave the room. Look up a text to ASCII converter online and type in ALEX (it is case sensitive so all caps), there's your password.


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What's even new in 9 and 11

1.09 is Alex's day 10 so it's similar to the last 2 updates

1.11 is Max's day 11 which is totally new


Yay new updates

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Is that new cg for patreon or public and how do you get it If its for public? 

The new cg is for Patreon for now. It will be for public next two updates

Quick question, how come the new CGs aren't included in the gallery?

Which ones?

The dreams in the Patreon version

Ahh, it seems that we forgot to include it in the gallery. It will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for the report!


How old is Max?  During his interactions with Alisa, he called the MC a kid. Could Max be in his mid-late 20s?

I hope the game gets updated

The game gets updated every month, so stay tuned! ^^


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in Android it seems to have run a problem the game crashes every time i run the game i think it's because of my phone version 12 (my last phone is version 10 and it seems to work just fine) cause some games and vns i played had desame problem pls help or fix this pls

What's your phone model ? 

It may be related to how different manufacturers implement their own Android skin on top of the basic Android version, which causes some apks to misbehave

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oppo A57 

i cant seem to get ray new cg

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I can’t get Max’ scene even if I think I have all the love points i could get. Got any tips?

Apologies for the lack of anwser, I mostly didn't bother replying because I want to respect the developers' attempt in not giving out too much information about it (and therefore making me feel like writing this is kind of pointless) as well as the fact I am not one of the developer. But in case you still haven't found the scene, it really means you're missing some love points. Make sure to leave no choice, no stone, unturned. You might be surprised by the outcome :v

Hopefully you'll grab that sweet scene :3


Nice, new update. Though, I replayed Ray's route and I noticed that Tobias old sprite is still present. Is it a bug? Or totally intentional? Whatever is the case, thanks for give us new material to read, like always.

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I have a little question for the alex route will there be two different endings depending on your confidence or shyness with him or does it not matter ?

Some things will be determined by your confidence or shyness level, so it does matter.

Anyone know what stats you should go for If you want to lose to linus

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Once again, if you're corrupted enough, you could just do the bug that I found- aka pressing Surrender, then "No". In such case, what would matter is not having high agility (if I'm correct, it has influence on how likely you are to dodge an attack) and endurance (how much hp you have, or perhaps how much dmg attacks will deal-idk, I am not the devs lol) so Linus have a much easier time killing you. Try getting intelligence anytimes you can as well.

If you're trying to do it while not being corrupted, good luck honestly, as your dmg combined with your companion's one will, most of the time, struck Linus down rather quickly. Tho I guess you should go with intelligence whenever you can, and perhaps- and weirdly- endurance, since a lots of strength/agility will really make you superior against Linus (improve dmg dealt/dodge chance, respectively) while a hp buff or dmg reduction wouldnt be thaaat bad compared to agility having a chance to negate full dmg.

In either cases, best is to go with the lowest stats possible- and there is opportunities for that! For exemple, in Max and Ray routes, when they do some training before going to the Akai tree, you have the choice to train with one of them: choose the character of your route, like if you're on Max's route, train with Max and while you'll improve your friendship with him, you won't gain any stats from it. On the opposite, choosing Ray when you're on Max route will result in a +2 Agility. On another exemple, in Max route, there is multiples opportunities to join Max's training sessions: decline them, as they are mostly free stats points- that you won't get if you don't tag in!

So, in a nutshell (and in case my english is awful): Go for intelligence whenever you can, make choices that increase relationships/corruption and not stats, keep the lowest agility possible and try using the bug I mentionned (in such case, go for strength since it won't matter, and try not getting a high endurance)

While I could experience all of it during previous playthroughs, I still require some further testing to give you an anwser that would be 100% accurate- I still hope it'll help ya :P

Thanks ill try that

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Tried to download the new version with the android build but failed and got the following message: "App not installed as package appears to be invalid".

Am I the only one getting such message or it is a common case? And does it come from my device or the apk file? I did delete the apk for the previous version, so I don't think it because I have an apk package with the same name?..

Ehh, regardless I'll just take time to say I love the visual novel, and keep the wonderful work! ^w^

EDIT:  Okay I managed to download it... by deleting the game. Yep, I was pretty much wrong: the downloading failure was indeed caused by the apk package ending having the same name than the game. That's a shame tho, because it means I can't really "update" the VN and rather have to restart from scratch (and if this issue isn't fixed, probably at every updates? <w>'). I am still wondering if more people experience such issue, because if I'm alone, I'll just yeet my tablet out of the window, but otherwise that means the best thing to do would be to modify the apk package's name?..


Happened to me too it happens some times and not only with this vn but with others to like super nova and with that vn i only had to delete it once then there was no problem with The next updates


Ay, hopefully it'll end up like you- no further issues for the next updates :P

Mine just says "app not installed" ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ


Anyone know how to get the scene where you get the password wrong? I tried it but it led to something else without the CG 

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I think you have to get the password wrong, but your corruption points have to be high enough or else the cutscene you’re missing won’t trigger. Try to get as many corruption points as possible.

You may also have to mess with Alex's computer so together with what Furrylover9Trillion said: be a horny idiot with no respect for other people's property.

I figured it out, you have to get the vine scene first


alright vn but by GOD unlocking the two Linus combat defeat CG's is still a major pain in the ass (I've been  failing to get them for the past few updates). I've been at it for hours on public 1.06 and RNG is still just not on my side- the Companions just solo him every time, no matter who's route I'm on or how crap my stats are. 

You don't have to nerf the NPC's or anything, but if you plan on including stuff like this in the future, please consider either adding a "Wait" option in combat (no characters take action) or just a straight up "submit" button that will take you straight to a combat defeat scenario.


yeah, things like this I feel need to be more based upon the skills you’ve gained, (or lack there of) then simply by chance. It seems Linus is more of a high chance of winning than the skills you’ve acquired. Or if there’s an alternate bad route where you neglect or hurt the relation ship with the character that they don’t show up and you have to fight Linus yourself. Just my opinion. 

other than that it’s a really great story thus far and I can’t wait for the next update ^^

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I actually found out that, if you're corrupted enough when you encounter Linus, you can just press the surrender button and then press "no". It'll skip your turn, meaning only your companion will deal dmg. Then, you just pray the RNG God that whoever you are with won't kill Linus before you die from his attacks (make a save right before the fight so you can always retry).
So far, I tried this trick with Max's route only, but I'm pretty sure being corrupted in any route will allow you to surrender, so feel free to give it a try! (I also did it on android, so I am not 100% sure it work on PC/Mac as well, but I don't think there's any reasons it wouldn't, right?).

So yeah, I guess we got some "kind" of wait button if you're a horny boi: Just press Surrender, then "No". Hopefully this will help ya :D

thanks, I am SUPER CLOSE I get to 2 health, it’s a new record! Also, I am very curious about the button between the flee and the shield button in the choices, it’s always grayed out. Looks like a drone. I can’t wait to see what it does when it’s available!

Ain't a dev but I got a feeling it will be an inventory, and you'll get to use items. Y'know, classic stuff.

Your welcome also :D

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Can anyone tell me how to unlock the images of the to the left of the beach day scene and the right of the secret garden? They are the only two images I haven’t unlocked yet in the gallery. I am playing version 1.06 by the way.

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CG 4 is "Gentle head bump" and CG 9 is "First kiss"

To get CG 4 you simply need to have at least 3 love with Ray by the time you have the takeout with him at his garden.

CG 9 is trickier because in order to get it, you have to trigger the head bump (CG4). if that wasn't enough, you have to not be lewd with him (Ray) after training, which you can either do by not being corrupted in the first place, or if you ARE corrupted, I think you can still get it if you just say "maybe not right now" when things get hot and heavy during training.

(This seems to be a bit of an oversight as even if you choose "not right now" you still get kissed during training, but then CG 9 triggers later and still acts as if THAT scene was your first kiss)


looking forward to seeing the next public build, the story is just so good!

how can make it right answer food ? who can help me pls ?


Bread + Hard Cheese + Soft Cheese = Cheese Sandwich

ok , thank you for help 


Kerrat fruit + Quail = Grilled Wing


Corn dog = [corn, sausage, eggs, milk]

BBQ Ribs Plate = [rib, corn, yam, milk]

Fish Salad Sandwich = [fish, eggs, bread, scheese]

Yamatoe Tornado = [yam, hcheese]

Surf and Turf Bites = [steak, fish]

Veggie Salad = [bro, fruit, yam, vines]

Grilled Wings = [quail, fruit]

Grilled Cheese Sandwich = [scheese, hcheese, bread]

Clover Stew(Secret) =[steak, fish, sausage, eggs]

Suspicious Stew(Secret) = [vines, fish, eggs, bro]

root = ingredient("Kerrat Root")

    sausage = ingredient("Boarix Sausage")

    corn = ingredient("Cornmeal")

    eggs = ingredient("Cham Eggs")

    steak = ingredient("Buflae Steak")

    rib = ingredient("Buflae Ribs")

    scheese = ingredient("Soft Cheese")

    hcheese = ingredient("Hard Cheese")

    bread = ingredient("Bread")

    milk = ingredient("Milk")

    quail = ingredient("Quail")

    fish = ingredient("Trun Fish")

    fruit = ingredient("Kerrat Fruit")

    yam = ingredient("Yamatoe")

    vines = ingredient("Mone Vines")

    bro = ingredient("Brokli")

Hope this helps.

Does corruption do anything in any routes aside from Rai's?


 TLDR: Not really, but it'll probably play a part in all routes- We just get to see Ray's corrupt content so soon because he's already a bit horny for us, and the others take a bit longer to warm up.

full text block - Kind of? If you go too far into the swamp (the earliest source of corruption) you get to see the MC fap after arriving to the city (This seems to be the earliest "corruption" content). But overall the corruption seems to, at most, change a  few lines of dialogue (And even this might not even be true because I can't think of a specific instance off the top of my head) in everybody's route except ray's.

I think this is mostly because Ray (As much as I love him) is the "easiest" out of the group- everyone else either is too dense (Max), too reserved (Alex), or too wrapped up in their own head (Kody) to really consider relationship stuff yet, whereas Ray from the get go was pretty ready to date you.


To say that Max is dense is an understatement. But that is kinda cute, honestly.

can someone pleaseee tell me the recipe for the event!!!

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In Alex route before max goes of and does his own thing he takes off his shirt is that intentional or just a mistake and If it is a mistake its a fun one

Probably a mistake, but it was funny lol

I've got a question about your menu, like the save and load screen and options screen, I've seen many other types of games with this same type of screen and was wondering if you use a certain system or app to make this game?

Is this normal? I tried to load my saved game. 

Is it your first time playing since a previous update?


It's probably the old version from your save file isn't compatible with the new version so you might have to restart


Dam man, i really love how it goes but it ended so Quick.. I wish to see more scenes and "stuff" with ocs, tried so many variants and well.. Im exited enough to finally see how it would end


does Max have a good scene? if so, how to get it?


Is this normal or is this a feature? I load a save and this happened. . .


lmao I didn’t even know that all of the main characters got their nude sprites already 🤣


Lucky bastard


oh my ow

Deleted 37 days ago

Is this new update for after the lab incident? If it is then for some reason after the explosion it takes me to the "to be continued" credits ;-;


Are you:

1. Looking at the patreon version?

2. On Max's route?

If either of these is no there's the problem

Ohhh pff figured i was stupid lol, thanks

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How do you lose to the slime monsters/whats the easiest way to lose?

There seems to be a bug where Kody is the nake sprite when you first enter the Honeysuckle, only going back to normal when his dialogue plays.


This is due to a new sprite managing system we implemented. Since older saves don't have that code in place the characters will appear nude for a moment before the code kicks in properly. It's mostly only an issue for old saves and isn't particularly game breaking.

How do I get these three scenes?


bottom 2 are another version of Rays route,  the top one is failing to get the password on the computer in alex's route

What version of Ray's route? I've tried six different routes.

its really hard to say as i got it by chance. i haven't got that other kissing scene you got from him next to the garden.   i want to say maybe act shy most of the time.  if not maybe it was a mix of shy and confident.     i cant remember as I got those on my first run and didn't pay much attention to what each choice did other then "I think that's what I would do"

Is anyone else having trouble playing the android version it keeps closing randomly so I can't get more than a few seconds in

Is it just closing randomly or is there a particular part in the game where it happens a lot more often? 

Might give us a clue if some part of the code is incompatible with Android systems.

it's completely random  I can't even get a few seconds into the opening sequence 


Aight, been a while since Kody's update

(about a year ago or so "- u-)

Aaaand does anyone have a working recipe on the 'will it blend' screen?

(Oh actually, maybe putting like a little description below the unfamiliar ingredients, comparing them to the previous world's ingredients, would make it easier to come up with possible combinations)

both cheeses and milk (or bread? one of those)

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I like Max. BUT my real favorite characters are Ray and Finn. I cant wait for the next update. Your visual novel is great. i love the artwork, music and the story so far <3


Oh my words-- Ashford's new sprite

(nonono stayloyalstayloyal)

Hi, I really liked your novel. I'm a translator from Russia, and I'm participating in ExGames project, we translate short stories for Russian mortals, and I'd really like to translate your short story into Russian, will it be possible to do?

im having trouble finding these 3 scenes can anyone help guide me?


The top one is another Ray kiss, I can't remember the exact criteria so try different amounts of flirting with him, as for the bottom two they are both from the losing the slime monster fight, which one you get depends on your shy/confident stats.

by losing the fight do you mean surrendering and/or not fighting at all? or actually failing to beat it

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Fail to beat, I recommend saving before the fight as your partner has a decent chance of winning the fight solo.

How do you get the one next to the mone vines cg..?

next to the vines i believe was on alex's route. you have to fail at inputting the password

ofc thats all i had to do....


In wich route and how can I get the shirtless Ray scene?


I hate Max


im not sure if this is a bug or not, but when i loaded one of my saved files for Max's route i got a sprite of him naked, with it returning to normal after a left click...

not complaining or anything, but i think it might need a fix >->

That's a consequence of our updated sprite management. We think it's been resolved.

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