Happy New Year!!

Good day everyone! Platier here to bring up some good news!

First of all, we just want to wish you all a very good 2022. Hopefully things will get better this year.

Now, unto the news!

For Public Update, it’s gonna be Alex update! We include a new mini-game for Alex if you manage to take him on a date outside! We also hid some secrets within the number shown, so good luck~

For Patron Update, it’s gonna be Kody update! It’s work day as usual with Kody, but this time you’re gonna help him at the festival! Did you manage to come up with a recipe? How much did you guys get? There are 8 possible dishes to be made (and a couple of secret recipe!). If you manage to get one, you’ll sell them at the festival! Besides Kody’s update, there’s also the alpha test for the battle system! Yes! It’s still in development and we’re still working to make it work well so we’re gonna need you guys to help test it out! It’s available to patron only and we will do a weekly-biweekly updates and tweaks to the system as it goes. Next month’s update is gonna be the beta test for the battle system in preparation for Day 7 update! If all things go well, we’ll do the Day 7 update on March. There’s gonna be new assets, new scenes, and sprites for the battle on Day 7 so please stay tuned ^^

We’re very excited for this update and the new system. We’ve been planning this since the first time we made this VN and now it’s becoming a reality. The alpha test and later on beta test, is gonna be available for patrons only in the Extras menu.

Ah, also, I’m gonna put a trigger warning here. We add an additional scene to the end of Day 6. It may disturb some people, so, please do be cautious. We also add a couple of new soundtracks in there and planning to add more in the future.

That’s all for now, happy holiday guys! See you next devlog!



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Jan 01, 2022
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Jan 01, 2022
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Jan 01, 2022

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So, slight issue with the Alex minigame: when you're inputting your answers, sometimes the correct answer will appear twice but only one of them will count as correct, so you can be completely accurate but lose a 50/50 guess


Thank you for your report MurlocMazta! We'll look into this issue and solve it. We actually encountered the same problem during playtest and made a fix for it, but we'll look into this and troubleshoot it. We're sorry for the inconvenience.


Something that did the trick for me

when the same number show twice, one above and one below, choose the one below

when the same number show twice, both above or both below, choose the one on the right

I don't know if it'll work for you but it did for me so i hope it helps

I tried this, and I think it's random, or at least for me it was. Sometimes it's left, others it's right, so you might just have to guess on either one.